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PoetryWITS 2014 Youth Poetry Contest
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The world is waiting for your song.

Here, my young friends, is your place to begin. Here is a place to wander with words, experiment, try to express what you see and feel, succeed and fail in the embrace of friends and teachers, all still journeying toward what is burning within your heart.

Write for us. Write for you. Write to make the world better. Write to make you better. Bring your words here. Share them. There is something magical about words written, how they last, how they touch. It is said – a poem succeeds if it touches just one other person. Strive for success. You can find it here.

Do not feel alone. What you are feeling, what you are trying to do, is a gift. Gifts bring with them a responsibility to use them, nurture them. I tell people my words arrived late. That is a lie. I just did not have the courage to listen to them when I was young. Here you have found a home where only imagination defines limit.

Please share your words with us. Please share your words with the world through our publications. Words are most precious. Words change things.

Walt Whitman wrote, “That the powerful play goes on, and you will contribute a verse.”

Please begin. We very much want you to begin here. But whatever you do, please begin.

~ Glenn McLaughlin, 2013 MCPL


PoetryWITS Staff:

Joanne Leva, MCPL Executive Director
Michael Barnett, PoetryWITS Editor
Cheri Crow, PoetryWITS Librarian
Marie Kane, PoetryWITS Editor
Lavinia Kumar, PoetryWITS Editor
Glenn McLaughlin, Honorary Editor
Eric Medlin, MCPL Web Manager
Elizabeth Rivers,
PoetryWITS Founder/Editor
Wendy Steginsky, PoetryWITS Editor

Cleveland Wall, PoetryWITS Editor

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