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PoetryWITS (Writers in the Schools) seeks poetry from students attending any school from first to twelfth grade, including homeschool.

• We welcome poetry of any style, subject, or form and take into consideration the grade level of the student. We appreciate poems that surprise us with their careful grasp of language. Please read the poems on our website for an idea of what we like.

An editor will contact you within a few weeks. If your poem is accepted, he or she may make suggestions for improvement of your work before publication.

All work must be the original work of the student. Please do not submit explicit work, or anything particularly violent.

• Do not submit more then three (3) poems at a time; a student may have two poems simultaneously on the web site.

• If you are published, please wait a month to submit again for publication.

All decisions of the editors are final.

Thank you,
PoetryWITS staff and editors

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