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Lavinia Kumar, PoetryWITS Editor

Lavinia KumarLavinia Kumar came from Ireland, and her husband came from India. They met in a Chemistry lab. So they are a multicultural mix. Then her children have begun to marry people who are neither Irish nor Indian - and some are not even American! It's no wonder the whole family reads world news every day, and that she loves learning about new cultures.

She has taught biology or chemistry to students from kindergarten through medical school, and she has also taught other teachers and professors how best to teach and to integrate technologies. She ran a state-wide professional development website for all teachers and administrators in New Jersey.

But writing and poetry is in her blood. Her father was an author of fiction and short stories, and she is a descendant of Robert Herrick (who lived ages ago). She wrote poetry and children's stories during her children's gymnastics or soccer practices, or after teaching science all day. She thinks about poems when she rides her bike or walks in the woods or by the sea. She has published poems in the US and the UK. Recently she also published some of her children's books.

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