Online Poetry Professor with Dr. Christopher Bursk

Online Poetry Professor with Dr. Christopher Bursk

The workshop is held at Bucks County Community College and already filled but you can still go on the journey with us. Just turn to the workshop lesson plans under the LECTURE tab and follow along. Readings and promts for poems are suggested.

Our mission is to make a venue for the exploration of poetry easily available and to create an on-line community of poets eager to challenge themselves and grow as writers.

Beauty is a focus we often take for granted; but here is an opportunity to welcome it into your poems.

Chris Bursk, recipient of NEA, Guggenheim, and Pew Fellowships, is the author of nine books., most recently Cell Count with Texas Tech University Press, Ovid at Fifteen from New Issues Press, The Improbable Swervings of Atoms from University of Pittsburgh Press and The First Inhabitants of Arcadia from the University of Arkansas Press. In addition to working as a volunteer for three decades in the corrections system, with those on probation and parole, he teaches at Bucks County Community College. His work has appeared in magazines such as Paris Review, American Poetry Review, Poetry, Manhattan Review, and The Sun. His poem, "Ovid at Fifteen," won the Another Chicago Magazine Award, judged by Robert Dana, and in the Spring of 2002, his chapbook, Working the Stacks was published by Bacchae Press. In 2004 he won the Donald Hall Poetry Prize from AWP, the Milton Kessler Prize, and the 49th Parallel Award from Bellingham Review, as well as the New Letters Prize in Poetry. His The Infatuations and Infidelities of Pronouns won the Bright Hill Chapbook competition and is due out in Spring. He is most importantly the grandfather of six.

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