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How to provide comments and feedback

In offering responses to the poems submitted for the gallery, please make them positive and helpful, identifying what lines you are pulled to and, if need be, maybe what lines might need a little more work. Perhaps talk about what moves or intrigues you in the poem or what it triggers in you. Maybe even consider writing a poem in response to the posted poem. Let's make this an on-line workshop that respects the poet's ambitions for the poem.

~ CB

Hummingbird Flight
by Mary

Timeless joy in flight,
Suckle on the nectar of life.
Sing of freedom
And accomplish the impossible things.
Follow your journey a miracle of life
Let the hummingbird lead you with all it's might.
Destiny…whether wrong or right,
Is a soul's eternal flight.
Such a tiny bird with an essence so big
Pure vibrations from the energy source.
Resonating sounds and spiritual light
That transforms all life
In the chill of the night.
The little creature stops dead in flight,
And is resurrected by warm day light.
The vibrations of life
Resonate high in spiritual might.
Set your eyes on this sight
And travel with this bird
At the speed of Divine might.

Out of Sight
by Mary

A cold piercing night dies in the dawning light.
Like a bird in flight the feathers released fall out of sight
The sun's rays of the dawning day shimmer halos off the worldly haze.
In gold and brown the dew drips…birds sing…dogs bark as the children play.
The sun shines across the land and in the heart of the Divine and man.

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