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2014 Workshop Theme:
The Study of Myth

Week 11 - April 23
Britomart and the Blatant Beast

1. After the relative austerity of the narratives of Books, 1 and 2,Book 3 presents us with what may seem at first a bewildering variety and richness. this is partly due to the multiple narrative strands which interlace throughout this book. (Heale 75)

2. …the multiple interweaving narratives of Book 3 help to create, even more than in book 1, the sense of our being in the midst of a puzzling world in which people and places are often not what they seem and where it is often difficult to interpret events fully or accurately until they are passed. …(76)

3. Britomart's emotions are handled with a degree of detail and humour which is unusual. Unusual too is her role, a woman disguised as a man in search of a lover she has merely glimpsed in a magic mirror. (79)

4. The Blatant Beast signifies the malice or spite of others that causes loss of honour or reputation, but for the venom to work there must be some relaxation of vigilance in the victim. (161)

Reading of Book3, Canto 1
Book 6, Canto 1 and Canto 10

in small groups:
1. create your own Blatant Beast
2. explore possible places in your poems that might be ripe for amplification

A Visit to the Temple of Venus (Book 4, canto 10 & 11)
         and the pleasures of amplification
                     "help me to name all these floods"

create your own Temple --- Temple of ________________?
and then amplify!

paradise as reconciliation of opposites
She syre and mother is her selfe alone
Begets and eke conceives, ne needeth other none.
( Book 4, Canto x, 41

Read: Wilner: Shekhinah



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