Lisa Battis - Certified Holistic Nurse

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In our fast paced society we often do not truly experience relaxation. Statistics show 75-80% of all illnesses are stress related.* Reiki allows us to release tension. When our bodies reach this state of relaxation, healing occurs on many levels. We need to "schedule" regular times to allow our bodies to reach this desired relaxed state. This can be achieved through Alternative Healing Sessions.

Advantages of Relaxation:
* Source: Holistic Nursing:A Handbook for Practice
- decreased pain
- decreased anxiety
- improves immune system function
- improves sense of well-being
- increases efficacy of pain medication
  - provides rest
- quiets the fight or flight sympathetic response
- facilitates sleep
- reduces muscle tension and increases blood flow
- offers insight and creativity

Reiki is used by some to relax and strengthen their well-being; decrease pain, anxiety, and fatigue; help manage symptoms; reduce side effects of medications; and support the healing process after surgery or injuries.

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